these are the things that i love ♥ Jesus. family. friends. cats. sunshine. windmills. music. swirls. basil. pesto. photography. memories. charlie chan chicken pasta. apple. plum. italian cooking. poetry. silence. art. oil paint. design. sunsets. swings. roofdecks. beaches and coconut scents. buried feet on talcum sand. kenzo. manila. high fashion. lights. road trip. asian food. travel. watercolor. real people. new things.

i never settle for anything less
than butterflies ♥

Learn how to train your dog to listen and to love you from #wikihow :) #illustrations #art
Today’s spider for #wikihow
My betta fish
Isabelle’s morning happiness. Breastmilk is the best. #milk #breastmilk #nosore #ariaisabelle

Scott McKelvey, The Kakapo
Isabelle’s first cam wink. 😉
Regram fron @v1nh: live with a purpose. #blessed
First batch of handmade rings for sale! Please follow @fingertreats :) price available upon request. Mwah! :)
Today’s project: rings. For sale very soon!
Today’s banana passion fruit for #wikihow haha #illustration #drawing
Somethin i made last year for @idaroccio hoho #anuna dami na gumagawa ng ganito? Bagal naten.
1st pasta for the year and i will eat it alone. No one to share it with today. Just for today. Hehe #drama